Corporate Social Responsibility

Commitment to Ethical Sourcing

Indigo is committed to conducting business in an ethical and socially responsible manner and seeks to work with business partners who abide by the same principles. We insist that our vendors and their suppliers uphold the highest ethical standards in their workplace, business practices, conduct, and policies. Indigo expects its suppliers to embrace this commitment to integrity by complying with the standards detailed in our Vendor Code of Conduct. In addition to adhering to this code, vendors must always comply and stay updated with local laws and regulations in each of the countries in which they do business. Our code is based on the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, International Labor Organization Conventions and Recommendations, and other internationally accepted standards. Through our social compliance program, private label brand suppliers must be audited every year by accredited third-party service providers. Our social compliance program affirms our position against child labour, forced labour, discrimination, and abuse/harassment. It also ensures fair wages, benefits, working hours, and health and safety practices.