Indigo's high standards for corporate governance ensure that all of our shareholder, customer, and employee communications and interactions meet or exceed existing regulatory guidelines.

Our dedication to corporate governance is supported by Indigo’s Board of Directors (the “Board”) and our careful adherence to corporate governance practices.

To further ensure adherence to our standards for corporate governance, Indigo has a well monitored and comprehensive employee code of conduct, which together with our disclosure policy and insider trading policy identify the behaviour expected of employees, management and directors in all business matters.

Indigo provides employees with an Employee Hotline, giving them an effective mechanism to report concerns relating to all aspects of the business and to allow the company to effectively deal with all reported matters.

As part of its corporate governance framework, the Board has established the Mandate of the Board of Directors, as well as Committee Charters for its Audit Committee and Human Resources, Compensation and Governance Committee. In addition, the Board has adopted a Position Description for its Chair of the Board.

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